What people are making in Cuttle 🎨, New shape constructions 📐

Hi everyone,

Here’s the latest with Cuttle.

Projects from the Community 🎨

@wildparadox shared this parametric Tiered Organizer for pens, paints, or other cylindrical objects. You can change the size of the holes, number of shelves, and dimensions of the organizer, then export a design ready to laser cut. I love the variation between the two examples below, both produced using the same parametric design!

tiered organizer.jpg

@jbeda has been experimenting with Voronoi patterns using custom Code Components and Modifiers. You can incorporate these patterns into your own designs by copy-and-pasting the examples into your own projects.


New Constructions for Arcs, Circles, Polygon from Side 📐

We added some new built-in shapes and new “constructions” for shapes.

For example, you can now construct a Polygon by positioning a side of it. Thanks @aohnstad for the discussion that prompted this construction.

polygon from side.gif

We also added several new constructions for Circles and Arcs.

circle constructions.gif

You can find Arcs in the Curves category of the left sidebar.

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • When you create a new project, it will use the units (e.g. millimeters) that you last set on a project. Thanks @aohnstad for the suggestion.
  • You can now tab from editing a parameter’s name to editing its value. Thanks @marzsman for the suggestion.
  • Improved the canvas “hit logic” on selected shapes. Thanks Jake Donham for the feedback.
  • Made creating variations of the built-in modifiers and code components more clear in the inspector. Thanks @aohnstad for the feedback.
  • Added Working with Paths article to the scripting documentation.
  • When doing non-snapping drag operations, the decimal precision of the resulting Transform parameters is now more reasonable.
  • Improved the design of the dashboard and learn pages on large screens.
  • Added a submenu for the Align commands in the Edit menu.
  • Now showing if a project was “remixed” from another project in the Read Me.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a parameter could break expressions using that parameter.
  • The interface now shows you errors in custom code even if the code is not being edited (pencil clicked). Also improved the styling of errors.
  • In code, you can now log a point to the canvas. Use e.g. console.geometry(Vec(2, 3)).
  • You can now also console.geometry an Axis.
  • Fixed a bug with intersections between paths and the axes.
  • Fixed a Chrome bug with adding links in the Read Me.
  • Fixed a bug where File > Export PDF wasn’t being shown.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging a component onto the canvas would sometimes just leave it at the origin.
  • Fixed a floating point bug with Cuttle’s built-in modulo function.
  • Improved the display of detailed (…) numbers in parameter and object inspector views.

Thanks for sticking with us as we build Cuttle! As always, I love to hear your feedback — reply to this email or chat with us on the Discord chat room.