Wedding Cake Topper - SVG Generator 🎂❤️

Wedding Cake Topper - SVG Generator 🎂❤️

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Wedding Cake Topper ❤️

wedding cake topper cover 2x1 small.jpg

This elegant cake topper can be quickly personalized with the couple’s names and special date, for a wedding or anniversary.


Everything is automatically arranged, connected, and welded for you. The width parameter controls the overall size of the topper. You can open the Positioning section to fine-tune the position of the center heart and names.


After last week’s Wine Glass Drink Clips, several folks suggested other wedding and event template ideas. This cake topper was suggested by Lisa B who also provided feedback on the design. Thank you Lisa!

Make a Multi-Layered Name Sign 📹


Last Thursday Federico hosted his tenth Facebook Live Stream!

In this half hour video, he shows how to make a multi-layered name sign in the Cuttle Editor.

This is an impressive but beginner-friendly project. If you’ve been using the templates and want to dip your toes into making your own designs in the Cuttle Editor, check out this recording!

And don’t forget, Federico hosts a live stream every Thursday at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET on our Facebook Group. See you there!

Three New “Retro” Pro Fonts 🌼

hoperative fonts.png

We licensed three new fonts for our Pro Fonts library. Pro Fonts are a curated set of fonts we license from designers that are available for all Pro members to use in their designs.

I think these new additions, from studio Hoperative Design, will be great when you need a “retro” or “groovy” touch.

We licensed these fonts in preparation for an exciting collaboration we are releasing next week! 🤐

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • On the Football Bag Tag, we fixed a bug where the score lines on the backer did not change size if you changed the size parameter. Thank you for the bug report Nikki P!
  • Improved the display of the Symbol Picker on mobile devices.