Tabbing between fields, pen tool keyboard support, version history descriptions

Hi Beta Testers,

We made lots of little improvements that make Cuttle more usable and ergonomic in this update.

Tabbing between fields

You can now press Tab to go the next number in the Inspector — or Shift + Tab to go to the previous number.


Pen tool keyboard support

You can now press P to switch into the Pen tool, or V to switch back into the Select tool.

Also, when drawing a path, you can now press Esc to finish drawing the path and start drawing a new path.


It used to be a lot more tedious to draw several paths in a row.

Please let us know if there are any other niceties you’d want the Pen tool to support. We want to ensure it’s efficient for your workflow and that anyone coming from another graphics program will be able to discover the pen features they need in Cuttle.

Version history descriptions

You can now add descriptions to any version you’ve saved in the Version History.


Every time I export I like to add a short description of what I did. Sometimes I’ll add notes (“screw hole was too loose”) after I cut a file and test it in the real world. This feature lets you stay organized as you iterate on a project. Let me know if you use this feature and how it could be more useful to you!

Reminder: you can see all your versions with File > Browse Version History. We automatically save a version whenever you export a file. You can also explicitly save a version with File > Save a Version.

Moving the origin when using Repeat modifiers

You can now hold command (ctrl on windows) to move the origin of a shape while working with a Linear Repeat or Tile Repeat. This can be really handy when using snapping to create precise tilings.

Below I’m creating a hexagonal pattern with Tile Repeat. I want to line up the corners of the hexagons. To do this I hold command / ctrl to move the reference point of the tiling to a corner. This lets me snap the displacement handles precisely.


Other improvements

  • You can now vertically align text to the middle. In the Text parameters, set “verticalAlign” to “middle”.
  • You can now show and hide the grid. Use View > Show Grid.
  • When you click “Copy This Project” on a project someone shared, we’re now saving a link back to the original. More features around sharing coming soon.
  • When nudging a shape with the arrow keys you can now hold the arrow key down. Tip: you can hold Shift to nudge faster.
  • We added a Help menu to the editor, with links to the Learn Cuttle page and the Discord chat room.

Bug Fixes

  • Made undo behavior more consistent.
  • Made the math behavior in expressions more consistent
  • Fixed a bug with bounding boxes not being sized correctly
  • Bug fixes with the font picker
  • Bug fixes when using the transform tools on handles
  • Bug fixes when snapping to the x and y axes

That’s all for this week. Let me know if you have any feedback! Reply to this email or chat with us on the Cuttle Discord.