Soccer Bag Tag - SVG Generator ⚽️

Soccer Bag Tag - SVG Generator ⚽️

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Soccer Bag Tag ⚽️


We continue to release sports bag tags based on your requests!

Our latest is a Soccer (aka Football) Bag Tag template that you can personalize by typing the player’s name and number.


Like the Baseball Tag and the Football Tag, the name and number customize the front layer. The backer is the same so you could make these in bulk.

This template has options to score or engrave the black regions (pentagons) of the soccer ball backer. In the photo above, I chose “Scored” and painted the pentagons black with a Posca paint marker. But depending on your material or your finishing process, you may instead opt to Engrave the black regions.

Thank you again for all of your requests on our Facebook Group. It helps us prioritize what to work on next.

I’ll try to get more non-US-centric sports out 😅 (thanks for the nudge, Rob!).

Design process for a bag tag 🧑‍🎨

I thought it would be interesting to share how these designs evolve. Here is the before and after for last week’s Football Tag, after a round of design feedback from the team.

evolution of football.jpg

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed an issue where putting quotes or commas in text could make the text field display improperly.