“Retro Keychain” SVG Generator 💄

“Retro Keychain” SVG Generator 💄

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Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Retro Name Keychains 💄


This long-shadow, vintage look is back in a big way due to a certain hit movie!

We developed this new template which lets you type any name and generate a layered cut file.


It’s designed to be made from two different colors of acrylic. The bottom piece has an inset scored reference which helps you align the top piece.

If you’ve never layered acrylic before, our favorite method is to use 3M double-sided adhesive instead of glue. Look for 468MP, 467MP, or 300LSE (they all work great). Apply it to your material before cutting. Then, cut your piece, peel the liner, and stick it to the other piece. It forms a strong, clean bond. See the template for the full instructions and material recommendations.

We did a number of experiments to find the perfect look 😅

material experiments.jpeg

I think these customized keychains will be really popular this season.

Cuttle Pro members get unlimited downloads of the Retro Name Keychain template. If you’re not a Pro member yet, we hope you’ll consider joining!

We also have our classic free Keychain Generator.

By the way, if you’re interested in geometry, Forrest documented how he developed the long-shadow / extrude effect as a Cuttle custom modifier in this thread. (This is what we consider a fun weekend project at Cuttle Labs 🧑‍🔬)


Educational toys made in Cuttle 🦜


I thought these were super cute!

CreoKits, a startup in Sri Lanka, has been using Cuttle to design developmental toys for kids ages 3+. Each kit contains laser cut tokens and activities for playing while learning a variety of skills.


It’s really cool for us to see Cuttle being used all over the world.

Jathujan Mahendran, the founder and director, told me they’re just getting started and currently only selling the kits locally in Sri Lanka, but they’d love to talk to other educators for partnerships or collaborations. Get in touch via the CreoKits Facebook page or email Jathujan.

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Improved the styling on the log in dialog. The “Continue with Google” button no longer makes the dialog jitter in size.