“Retro Glam Cake Topper” SVG Generator 🎂

“Retro Glam Cake Topper” SVG Generator 🎂

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Retro Glam Cake Topper 🎂

cake topper medium.jpeg

Following up on our Retro Keychain from last week, this new Cake Topper template is perfect for a fabulous party!

Like our other cake toppers, you can change the text and customize other aspects of the design, including the placement of the two stakes.

retro glam cake topper demo3.gif

The template generates a two-layered cut file.

To achieve the plastic fantastic look, we used 1/8” Metallic Hot Pink acrylic for the back and 1/16” White acrylic for the front.

I recommend applying 3M adhesive (look for 467MP, 468MP, or 300LSE) to the back of the text material before cutting. Then you can just peel and stick. This laser-safe double-sided tape forms a strong, clean, water-proof bond.

On the Layered Cut File, the background piece has inset reference lines which you can score to help align the letters. Here are a few tips:

cake topper tips.jpeg

Improved Connected Text 😻

Cuttle’s Connected Text feature automatically joins the dots on i’s and smooshes all the letters together so that you can cut out a word in a single piece, in any font.

This can save a lot of time if you are making hundreds of place cards for a wedding!

We made some tweaks to the algorithm to improve this feature. Before, on some thin script fonts, it would place the dots of i’s in a dubious position. It’s much better now! For example, here’s a before and after in the elegant but thin Meow Script:


Learn more about Connected Text.

New “Project Dashboard” design 🗂️

We updated the project dashboard — what you see when you log in. We now have a “Home” section that shows all of your recently opened projects and popular templates underneath that.

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • When you search in the Create Panel, multiple words now work (it will search for all of the words with “or” logic).
  • When you search in the Font Picker, it will now automatically search all fonts. Previously it would only search the selected category. You can still narrow your search by clicking a category after typing your search term.
  • Fixed an issue with the Font Picker where if you had chosen a complex font via search, the font would not be shown as selected the next time you opened the Font Picker.
  • Fixed a bug where custom modifier parameter folders were not saved.
  • Fixed the display of vector handles (like we use in Linear Repeat) in some situations.