Put a Paw next to a name on the Tree Ornament, and lots more 🐾

Put a Paw next to a name on the Tree Ornament, and lots more 🐾

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Family Names Tree Ornament: Inline symbols 🐾

paw print and other symbols.png

On the Family Names Tree Ornament, many people wanted to add a paw print next to a name, or a heart between two names. You can now insert these symbols in line with any name!

Simply type (paw) in the names field — including the parentheses — and it will be replaced with a paw symbol. The supported symbols are:

  • (paw)
  • (heart)
  • (star)
  • (left-wing) and (right-wing) for left and right angel wings

This feature only works on the Family Names Tree Ornament but we’re thinking about ways to enable inserting symbols inline with text everywhere in Cuttle.

Paw Ornament: Claws option for cats 😻

claws on paw ornament.png

By popular request, we added a claws option on the Paw Ornament, for your feline friends.

Better file names 📁

better file names.png

We updated how we generate the file names on all our Customizable Text templates.

Before, the file name came from the project name and was always the same. You ended up with lots of files with cumbersome names like “Family Names Christmas Tree Ornament - Tree (4).svg”.

Now, the file name is derived from your personalization. For example, the Family Names Tree creates a file name based on the first three names you typed, like “Tree - ava aiden mason.svg”.

For those of you generating lots of files with Cuttle, we hope this helps you stay organized!

Customize the file name on your own projects using a parameter 🤖

Power users of the Cuttle editor will be pleased to learn that you too can automatically derive custom file names for your projects!

custom file name.png

To do this, create a component parameter called _filename. This parameter should return a string. You can reference other parameters, for example personalized text or a relevant dimension.

Thank you to HasanCreates and Ralph U. for requesting this feature.

New video tutorials 📹

Federico is back from his trip and has started making new Q&A video tutorials.


These videos are in direct response to questions you all ask! Please continue posting your questions on our Facebook Group.

New free fonts 🔠

We pulled in the latest free fonts from Google Fonts into Cuttle. Here are a few of my favorites from the new batch:

new fonts.png

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • When you select a closed path in the editor, it will show a light-blue preview of the area inside the path. We call this the “fill preview”. It’s designed to help you visualize the difference between compound paths — like the result of a boolean difference — and overlapping paths. Federico touches on this in his recent video on how to join shapes. Check it out!
  • Fixed rendering of certain True-Type “single line” fonts with doubled closed paths. Thank you Jennifer A for reporting this bug.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with “Browse All Shapes” specific to Firefox on Windows.
  • Clarified the wording of the license in copies of Cuttle Pro templates.
  • Fixed a minor visual glitch with “Copy link” in the Share menu.