Personalized Name Signs - SVG Generator 🎨

Personalized Name Signs - SVG Generator 🎨

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Personalized Name Sign Template 🎨

This Name Sign Door Hanger makes a terrific DIY painting project for kids!

We collaborated with Gwynn Jones to create this template based on a hit project at her shop Olive and Oak.

Gwynn sells these personalized signs as DIY kits and also uses the project for birthday parties and kids’ workshops.

The template lets you type any name to instantly generate a door hanger cut file.


It will automatically:

  • Auto-size everything so that the final project is the desired width
  • Create a backer — an offset of the name with slightly rounded corners
  • Add an inset scored reference line to help align the letters when gluing
  • Add hanging holes of the desired size to the backer
  • Generate the full cut file (backer and letters) for the project

In addition to the name, you can customize the font and sizing, but we worked with Gwynn to dial in the defaults exactly how she likes for this project.

How to paint this sign with kids 🧑‍🎨

Gwynn recorded an excellent tutorial video covering how she uses this template and all the supplies she uses for hosting a name sign paint party at her studio.

She also reveals how she kicks it up a notch: after participants paint a base coat, she turns on the black lights and busts out neon paints and it turns into a GLOW PARTY!

This is all covered in Gwynn’s thorough video.

If you liked this content, be sure to check out Gwynn’s Facebook Group. It’s an active community discussing laser cutting projects and aspects of running a creative business.

Thank you for sharing this activity and working with us on this template, Gwynn!

Design a Snow Globe Ornament in the Cuttle Editor 📹

In Federico’s latest livestream, he showed how to design a layered Snow Globe Christmas Ornament in the Cuttle Editor.

This beginner-friendly video shows how Federico uses shapes and modifiers to build up the snow globe frame, and downloading SVGs from the Noun Project to use in his design.

We’ll be taking this Thursday off for the July 4 holiday but we’ll be back to the livestreams next week on Thursday July 11 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET. Join the Facebook Group to participate. See you there!