Paw Ornament - SVG Generator

Paw Ornament - SVG Generator

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Paw Ornament 🐾

paw ornament small.jpeg

We released a new customizable Paw Ornament!

You can type any name and it will generate a cut file.


Dots on i’s are automatically connected and the name is automatically scaled to fit inside the big paw pad.

Add optional Snowflakes, Hearts, or Angel Wings. You can also customize the font and more.

One of the new ideas I’m exploring in this template is score lines that help each element pop! These lines are pink in the cut file and you can set this color to score on your laser. It adds a nice depth to the snowflakes and makes the letters more readable.

score lines.jpeg

I’d like to separately package up this “Weld and Score” feature as a built-in modifier — to make it available anywhere in the Cuttle editor. Hoping to release that soon!

Marbled Glitter 🌌

I love how this ornament came out and I wanted to call out the materials we used.

The front layer is a Cherry Veneer with 3M Adhesive backing, from Glowforge Proofgrade. I think any veneer or thin wood (1/16”) would work nicely.

The backer layer is 1/8” Marbled Glitter Acrylic from Custom Made Better. “Juno” is cut from Baby Blue and “Lucy” is cut from Magic Forest.

I’ve been chatting with Melody from CMB about a partnership with Cuttle and she sent me several samples from her catalog. I love the depth of these Marbled Glitters. The sparkles give them a celestial vibe, like telescope photos of nebulas 🌌

Melody was kind enough to provide our community with a discount code, so use code CUTTLE10 at checkout for 10% off!

cmb marbled glitter.jpeg

Shoutout to Nichole F in our Facebook group whose art inspired this acrylic + wood layering! ✨

Improvements to the Family Names Christmas Tree Ornament 🎄


Wow! This template was a big hit and I got a lot of great feedback on further improvements. Here are a few updates:

  • We rotated the snowflake topper so that it would form a better connection with the hanging hole. Thank you Michelle S. for the suggestion!
snowflake fix.png
  • We fixed a bug with the underline on letters that dropped below the baseline, like Q and y. Thank you for reporting this Terry R. and Darlene P.!
baseline fix.png
  • We added an optional backer for making a two-layer ornament. To use it, go into Optional Backer and check includeBacker. It also has a backerOffset you can customize. Thank you Marion B. for the suggestion!
  • Added Dreidel and Paw topper options. Thank you Nancy R. and Holly P. for the suggestions!

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Added a new Single Line font, Relief. This is a nice one! It was developed by the Design Department at French university isdaT, specifically for lasers and CNC. Very clean and legible. Find it in the Single Lines Sans category in the font picker.
  • Fixed the sizing of the design in the component embeds, so the “Edit in Cuttle” and “Download SVG” buttons would not obscure the design. Thank you for the report LayeredPaperArt!