Origami-Inspired Earrings in Cuttle ✨

Origami-Inspired Earrings in Cuttle ✨

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Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Design earrings inspired by origami

origami cover small.jpeg

Federico hosted our first Facebook Live session where he showed how to design earrings inspired by origami diagrams! Check out the recording in our new Facebook group or watch the recording on YouTube (33 min).

earrings dove.jpeg

Here is the Cuttle project he made. It contains the Dove earrings (ready to laser cut!) that Federico created live during the session as well as a dozen more images that you can use to practice the tracing techniques Federico showed in the class.

earrings silicone.jpeg

These earrings look great cut out of acrylic, but Federico also mentioned how he likes using silicone rubber as a material for earrings. You can fall asleep with them on and they won’t poke you!

Federico has a tutorial on YouTube where he shows a few options for silicone and the cut settings he uses for it.

Laser Craft Fest 2023 🎆

laser craft fest.jpeg

We’re thrilled to be participating in Laser Craft Fest 2023!

This free, virtual event features three days of Laser Cutting workshops from some of the best teachers in the community, including our own Federico Tobon.

You’ll need to grab your free ticket before the event. Then, from September 12 to 14, each day will include a series of workshop. You can watch them live or on replay for 24 hours.

If you would like early and unlimited access to all the workshop videos — so you can watch and re-watch them at your leisure — you can upgrade to the All Access Crafters Pass. You also get tons of bonuses with the pass — including one month free of Cuttle Pro for new subscribers!

There’s currently an early bird discount for the All Access Crafters Pass so grab it today!

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed an issue with the Retro Glam Keychain and Cake Topper. It would glitch when you set the shadowOffset to 0. This is now fixed. Thank you Jacky E for the bug report!
  • Fixed a color styling issue with the Free and Pro tags on the templates page.