New “Sliding Lid Box” Cuttle Template

New “Sliding Lid Box” Cuttle Template

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Sliding Lid Box

We just released a new video tutorial and template for making a laser cut Sliding Lid Box.

sliding lid box.gif

It’s a super clean design with laser engraved slots running along the top that accommodate the sliding lid.

slot closeup.jpeg

Like our other box templates, you can fully customize the dimensions and material thickness.

sliding lid box parameters.gif

Video Tutorial

sliding lid cover yt.jpg

In the new video tutorial, Federico walks you through:

  • Choosing an appropriate material (plywood with “MDF Core“)
  • Setting your dimensions and material thickness on the template
  • Setting your engrave settings for the slots — including our recommended settings for Glowforge
  • Tips to quickly clean the engraved slots
  • Assembling the box

The Sliding Lid Box template is free for the next two weeks (until March 21), then it will become a premium template.

Engraving settings for the slots

The slots need to be engraved to a depth of at least .05 inches.

We’ve included our recommended settings for this engrave step on Glowforge with MDF core plywood (such as Proofgrade “Medium” plywood).

gf settings.png

But if you’re using a different laser or material we also have you covered!

At the end of the video, Federico demonstrates a technique for quickly testing engrave settings to get the perfect slot depth.

engrave depth tester.gif

We designed a Depth Tester template consisting of a depth gauge and a series of test slots.

This allows you to quickly experiment with different engraving settings to find the perfect fit.