New “Hinged Lid Box” Cuttle Template

New “Hinged Lid Box” Cuttle Template

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Hinged Lid Box

We released a new template for making a laser cut box with a hinged lid.


Federico recorded a video tutorial showing how to use the template and how to assemble the box.

hinged lid box cover small.jpg

The hinge mechanism is fully integrated. No additional hardware is required. You assemble three sides, put the lid in place, then the final side locks everything together.


All the pieces press fit, so you don’t even need glue.

You can customize the dimensions, material thickness, tab size, and the size of the finger hold for opening the box.

The Hinge Lid Box template is free for two weeks, then it will become a premium template.

Bonus video: How this template was made

Federico and I collaborated on this template.

I started from the Open Box template and added the hinge mechanism and lid. I then handed the project off to Federico who improved the hinge design, tested it, fixed some of my mistakes, and documented the project.

Here’s a screen recording of me making the first prototype and explaining my thought process as I go. I originally recorded this for Federico but I thought it might be interesting or educational for those of you making your own parametric projects!