Name Flower - SVG Generator 🌹

Name Flower - SVG Generator 🌹

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Name Flower Template 🌹


Our newest template lets you customize the name on this two-layered rose.

Several folks on our Facebook Group requested a flower — personalized with a name across the stem — with an eye towards Valentine’s Day.

You can change the name, font, position, sizing, and orientation.


Materials and Painting 🧑‍🎨


The Name Flower template produces a cut file with two layers.

To make the “Eleanor” example above, we laser cut both layers from 1/8 inch Birch Plywood.

We used these Montana acrylic paint markers (affiliate link) for coloring the bottom layer before gluing. The wide tip makes them easy to use and the paint dries quickly with a matte finish.

We showed these markers in action, along with some other paint options, in our Laser Cut Name Puzzle video.

Prototyping 🧑‍🔬

We prototyped several iterations on this template. Our first version had the name without an offset on the backer layer. Even with two layers of 1/8 inch MDF, it was pretty springy!


Although quite fun to play with, we felt this was too fragile for the default version. The issue is that the flower is top heavy and you naturally hold it by the stem. The version we landed on has an outlined (offset) backer around the name which makes it very strong.

If you’d like to make the version without the outlined backer, you can do so by unchecking Font > outlineText.

Another great option for this template would be cutting just the top layer and gluing it onto a different backer, for example creating a framed artwork.

Stem effect 🌿

A technical challenge was making the stem connect cleanly to the text without “striking through” it.


We were able to implement this using only Cuttle built-in modifiers: Boolean Union, Boolean Difference, and Remove Holes. Here’s how it works:


For those of you pushing the limits of the Cuttle editor, we hope the above gives you some ideas 💡

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