Mirror Repeat and Transform Repeat tutorials

Hi everyone,

Happy 2021! I hope everyone had a safe holiday break.


I added two more video tutorials since my last update.

Mirror Repeat


Watch on YouTube (5:03)

Mirror Repeat is useful whenever you have bilateral symmetry. When you change the original, the mirrored copy changes too. This video demonstrates how to set up the line of reflection, shows some situations where Mirror Repeat comes in handy, and shows how to combine Mirror Repeat with Rotational Repeat to make a flower shape.

Transform Repeat


Watch on YouTube (13:59)

Every “Repeat” modifier takes your original shape and transforms it repeatedly — that transformation might be a rotation (Rotational Repeat), mirroring (Mirror Repeat), or translation (Linear Repeat).

Transform Repeat is an advanced modifier that lets you specify the transformation explicitly. In particular, it allows you to add a scaling to the transformation which can create fractal-like shapes.

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Other Improvements

  • Started a redesign of the components sidebar (left sidebar). We’re categorizing the components now. This will give us space to curate more built-in components
  • Better interface in the inspector when working with text.
  • Better interface when renaming anything. (You can double click a name to rename it.)
  • Added “Edit Expression” to the ··· menu on properties in the inspector. You can now use a formula or code for any property.
  • Fixed a bug with undo when you’re editing a property in the inspector.
  • Fixed a bug with the pen tool when closing paths.
  • Fixed a bug that was adding a redundant anchor point when using Boolean modifiers. This makes Round Corners work more reliably. (Still have more work to on Round Corners!)

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