Letter Tile Keychain - SVG Generator

Letter Tile Keychain - SVG Generator

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Letter Tile Keychain / Bag Tag


The perfect gift for a word game enthusiast!

Our latest template lets you type any name to generate a personalized keychain or bag tag with letter tiles.


The engraved letters and letter scores are automatically generated as you type. The tiles are separated with scored lines, so the whole thing is made from a single, solid piece.

You can orient the name horizontally or vertically and there are options for sizing the hole and tiles.

This new template was developed in collaboration with Cuttle power user Brian Wente (ArtfulEngineer on our Discord server).


Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed an issue with sharing links to projects or templates on some social media sites. The preview images were expiring after one week on some sites but this is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Optimize for Glowforge. We now pass through all filled shapes as is, since filled shapes are usually intended for engraves, not cuts.