Laser Cut Polygon Boxes - SVG Generator and Tutorial

Laser Cut Polygon Boxes - SVG Generator and Tutorial

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We released a new laser cut Polygon Box template and tutorial video!

You can customize the number of sides. Make it a triangle, hexagon, octagon, or whatever you like! You can also customize the height and diameter of the box.

polygon box demo 2.gif

Federico recorded a terrific tutorial video where he walks you through the settings and shows how to assemble the box.


This template is a great a starting point for adding your own cutouts or decorations to the sides or top.

Here’s a variation we created, a Polygon Box with a Mandala Pattern.

mandala polygon box small.jpeg

The mandala variation has all the parameters from the original polygon box as well as a few extra parameters to customize the mandala pattern.

mandala parameter demo.gif

Because you can customize the diameter and height, this box works well as a pencil holder, plant holder, or candle holder. I look forward to seeing other creative uses as well! Please share your photos or ideas in our new Facebook group!

candle holder.jpeg

Both the Polygon Box and the Polygon Box With Mandala Pattern are free for the next 7 days. After that they will become Cuttle Pro templates. Enjoy!

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