Laser Cut Flower Vase 🌷

Laser Cut Flower Vase 🌷

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Flower Vase Template and Tutorial Video


Federico designed this flexible new Flower Vase template and recorded a YouTube video showing how to customize and assemble the project!

He originally designed this Vase as a display for the Name Flower, but we found that it also makes an elegant holder for flowers, pens, or paintbrushes.


In the video, Federico shows how you can change the height and “belly shape” of the Vase, all from the template! You can also change the number of “ribs” and the diameters of the top and bottom openings.

Thank you to everyone in our Facebook Group who provided suggestions and feedback on early iterations of this template!

New tool: Tab and Slot Tester

tab and slot tester.jpg

Templates such as the above Flower Vase and our Polygon Boxes use press-fit tabs and slots.

In order to get a very snug fit, we dimension the tabs slightly wide and the slots slightly narrow. This small adjustment is known as “kerf compensation”.

On templates that require a press-fit, there is a “kerf” parameter to control the amount of kerf compensation applied. Usually the default value (.007 inches) is good! But depending on your laser cutter and material, you may need to adjust it.

  • If you want your fit to be tighter, then increase the kerf value to say .008 inches
  • If you want your fit to be looser, then decrease the kerf value to say .006 inches

The rule is bigger kerf value = tighter fit.

Federico made a new tester template that lets you cut four different kerf values all in one go, so you can quickly find the perfect fit!

He demonstrates this new tester in the above Flower Vase video. The Tab and Slot Tester also includes thorough instructions on the template page for how to use it.

Thank you Donna K for your feedback on the Flower Vase which led to this Tester template!

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Added a Bow option on the Easter Bunny Tag. Also made the hanging hole optional and resizable. Thank you all for your feedback on this!