How to Make Laser Cut Boxes in Cuttle 🎥📦

How to Make Laser Cut Boxes in Cuttle 🎥📦

Hi everyone,

Federico recorded a comprehensive new video tutorial on how to make laser cut boxes using the Open Box with Finger Joints template in Cuttle.

How To Make Laser Cut Boxes.jpeg

This tutorial:

  • Thoroughly explains all the options for customizing the box
  • Demonstrates best practices for measuring your material thickness with calipers
  • Has a fantastic explanation of “kerf” and why it’s important for laser cutting pieces that you want to fit snugly together
  • Shows Federico’s method for glueing boxes

I’ve made plenty of laser cut boxes myself over the years but I still picked up some new tricks from this video. And I’m excited for the follow up where he’ll show how to further customize a box directly in Cuttle — adding handles, holes, labels, etc.

Hope you enjoy it!

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