Heart Box Tutorial Video and Valentine’s projects from the community 💕

Heart Box Tutorial Video and Valentine’s projects from the community 💕

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

“Heart Shaped Box” Tutorial Video 💕

heart box cover.jpeg

Earlier this week we released our Heart Shaped Box template.

Federico recorded a new video tutorial on how to use it. He demonstrates:

  • How to adjust the size of the box using the Cuttle template
  • How to score the reference for the lid baseplate and numbers on the slats
  • How to cut the decorative lids
  • How to assemble the box

“Spiral Text” Edge Lit Light by Kay Hall 🌀

Kay Hall (Clever Someday) made this cool Spiral Text Generator in Cuttle. (With great documentation!)

She recently shared a photo of an edge lit acrylic light that she made with it.

spiral text light.jpeg

She used a Cricut to score the spiral text and heart onto the disk.

Check out Kay’s blog for more innovative projects you can do with Cricut and Silhouette machines!

The Spiral Text shape that’s now in the Create Panel was inspired by Kay’s generator.

spiral text.gif

Heart Box “Word Clock” by Mark Estes 💜

We love this variation on the Heart Box that designer Mark Estes shared on the Glowforge forum!

heart word clock.jpeg

It’s a “word clock” that uses LEDs to light up the current time.

He started with the Heart Box template, set the size to be as large as his Glowforge would allow, then added modifications for the LEDs. Here’s an in-progress photo showing how the LED matrix is housed within the heart:

heart word clock in progress.jpeg

We love the custom stand and the elegant use of colored acrylic mirror.

Check out Mark’s website and Etsy store for more cool laser cutter and LED projects!

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Based on feedback from teachers, we now hide the Discord links when logged in on a K-12 education account.
  • Fixed a bug when you convert a parameter with units to a Percentage type.