Graduation Ornament / Car Dangle 🎓

Graduation Ornament / Car Dangle 🎓

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Graduation Ornament / Car Dangle


Our latest template is a graduation-themed car dangle or ornament. After our previous Graduation Cash Holder, this was another big graduation request on our Facebook Group.

You can type any name and year to generate an SVG cut file.


The template automatically generates a backer layer and the name layer. This lets you cut the name layer from an accent material.

The backer will have the name welded which provides a solid backing for gluing the name.


In the above sample, for the backer we used Maple Plywood and for the name accent we used Magic Forest Marbled Glitter Acrylic from Custom Made Better. (Use code CUTTLE10 for 10% off from our friends at Custom Made Better!)

Five new “Modern Calligraphy” Pro fonts


We added five new Handwriting fonts to the Pro font library. I think these work best with Connected Text so I’ve shown them above in that context, with a 1.5% thicken applied.

These fonts are in the “Modern Calligraphy” style, which I usually recognize by letters that “bounce” above and below the baseline. Traditional fonts are usually consistent with their baseline.

Other common characteristics of Modern Calligraphy:

  • Drawn with a brushed pen
  • Upright letters (traditional calligraphy is slanted)
  • Dynamic, contrasting thin and thick strokes
  • Loopy and whimsical letterforms

I see Modern Calligraphy used a lot these days. These fonts are elegant but not formal, decorative but relaxed. Plus they work really well for connected text!

The free Google Fonts — despite having over 1,000 fonts — didn’t have much to choose from in this style so I’m glad we now have these fonts in the Pro library.

These fonts were designed by Madjack.Font.

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • In the Read Me, we added handles on the left side of component embeds, videos, and Cuttle link embeds. You can use these to re-order these blocks or select them. Before, it was inconsistent where you needed to click to re-order or select these blocks.
  • Updated the Sports Tags to improve the automatic name fitting. These were previously using older versions of Fit Within — the modifier we released into beta last week.
  • Fixed an issue where axes could disappear if you zoomed in extremely far.