Graduation Cash Holder - SVG Generator 🎓

Graduation Cash Holder - SVG Generator 🎓

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Graduation Cash Holder 🎓


Our latest template is a Graduation Money Gift Holder that you can easily personalize with the recipient’s name and graduation year.


The design consists of three layers which lets you slip in a bill. By default it’s sized for US currency but there are parameters to change the bill size to make it work with Canadian dollars, Euros, etc.

The name and graduation cap are additional pieces, giving you the option of cutting these out of acrylic for extra bling ✨. An inset score line is added to help you align the name and cap when gluing. Alternatively, there’s an option to simply engrave the name and cap instead.

You can also engrave an optional message on the back piece, which is revealed when the bill is removed.


Thank you everyone on our Facebook Group who requested this for graduation season! We’ll aim to add another graduation-themed template and continue the sports tags over the coming weeks! 🏐🏀

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Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Improved Connected Text. Before, depending on the font and thicken settings, certain letter shapes could end up weakly connected. This was a pretty rare edge case, but it’s now fixed!
  • Fixed a precision issue with Warped Text when scrubbing letterSpacing or lineHeight parameters.