Football Bag Tag - SVG Generator 🏈

Football Bag Tag - SVG Generator 🏈

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Football Bag Tag 🏈

DSC_6987-2 small.jpg

Our new Football Bag Tag lets you type a player’s name and number to quickly generate a personalized, two-layer design.


We’ve had so many requests for more sports after last week’s Baseball Bag Tag. We’ll definitely be working on Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball next, and we’ll see where things go after that!

We also have some graduation items in progress.

Thank you everybody in the Facebook Group who has made suggestions and given feedback on these!


For the above “Mateo” sample I used a Walnut plywood backer and this pre-painted White MDF from Laser Wood Supplies. I had never used a pre-painted wood product before but it saves so much time and looks impeccable, especially with this scored design.

I was so impressed with the product that I reached out to Alex and Antoinette, who run Laser Wood Supplies, to see if they’d do a small promo with us. They were kind enough to make the Cuttle community a coupon code — CUTTLE10 — for 10% off, valid until March 31.

Thank you Alex and Antoinette!

Brian Wente opens his own Cuttle Template shop 🛍️


Longtime Cuttle user Brian Wente opened a new store selling customizable templates he’s made using the Cuttle Editor!

This is similar to how people sell files on Etsy, except when you buy one of Brian’s designs it comes as a Cuttle template, so you can quickly and easily personalize it.


Brian has been sharing free designs with the Cuttle community for years and the new designs he’s released in his store look great!

To be clear, this is an independent initiative from Brian. You are purchasing directly from him. This is separate from the Cuttle Pro membership. Nothing is changing about Cuttle Pro and we’ll continue releasing new, official templates for Cuttle Pro members. Brian is simply designing his own templates using the Cuttle Editor — as anyone can do — and selling access to them on his store.

Designers who sell SVGs on markets like Etsy provide a valuable service to the maker community and I think it’s wonderful that these designers can support themselves or make extra income by sharing their creative work.

As the Cuttle community grows, I am hopeful that designers like Brian — who use the Cuttle Editor to create polished templates — can likewise support their creative work by selling their designs. I am very excited to see how a larger market around Cuttle templates might evolve!

Congratulations, Brian, on opening your store! 🎉

Improvements to Connected Text 🪄

We fixed several edge cases with Connected Text!


In some fonts, apostrophes would connect to a weird place, messing up everything afterwards. Now apostrophes connect to the closest spot on the previous character.

We also improved how quotes and apostrophes at the start of words connect.

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed some bugs that were introduced with last week’s Symbol Picker update. Specifically we fixed layout of center aligned text (thank you for the report Brian W!) and commas in text.
  • Fixed some issues when working with embedded components in the Read Me view.
  • Scripting: FontGlyph’s x property is now deprecated and will be removed eventually. This property is the sum of all previous glyph advanceWidth properties. It didn’t work well with modifiers like Connected Text that change glyph advance widths. All built-in modifiers now use advanceWidth directly.
  • Scripting: Correctly display logged string as escaped string literals.
  • Scripting Reference: Added some interfaces and methods that were not previously documented.