Family Names Christmas Tree Ornament - SVG Generator

Family Names Christmas Tree Ornament - SVG Generator

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Family Names Christmas Tree Ornament

We just released a new template that lets you type all the names in a family to generate a personalized Christmas Tree ornament.


You can select a Star ⭐️, Snowflake ❄️, or Angel 👼 for the topper.

I know some of you all are producing large batches of ornaments like these for holiday orders, so this is tuned for efficiency 🦾

Instead of resizing, repositioning, welding, etc. you just type the names. There’s even a feature to automatically sort the names by length 😇

But it’s not only about producing faster results. I think by making a design parametric, you can more quickly experiment with a design — perusing through fonts, adjusting the letter spacing on the names, or reordering and resizing the names.

Below are a few things you can do with this template:

Putting names in a specific order

Sometimes you want to list the names in a specific order, for example listing kids by birth date or grouping kids, parents, and grandparents.

To do this, go to Advanced and uncheck autoSort.

family xmas tree sizing 1.gif

Resizing individual names

You can put a + or a - at the end of any name to make it bigger or smaller. Each + or - increases or decreases the size of that particular name by 5%.


Omitting the underlines

In the Names section, you can omit the underline by setting it to 0.

In this case, you’ll probably want to tighten the letterSpacing so that all the letters are strongly connected.


Repurposing the “year” for the family’s last name

Instead of the year, you can put any text, for example the family’s last name.


Thank you Jill D. for sharing this tip!


This originally came about as a request on the Friendliest Glowforge Facebook Group (thanks Stephanee C.!).

There were several folks in the group who were really excited to test this so I worked with them over the past week iterating the design.

Some of the improvements that were made during this process:

  • Adding more options for the top icon, as suggested by Elle P.
  • Putting the names in a specific order — for kids, parents, and grandparents — as suggested by Shelly L.
  • Resizing individual names with + and - in response to feedback from Jill D., Shelly L., and Pauline S.
  • Iterating on the default sizing with feedback from Amanda D.
  • Having the option to hide the top hanger to make it a sign instead of an ornament, as suggested by Jill D.
  • Improving the way the underlines look. I had lots of helpful design feedback from Jill D. 🙏
  • Lots of bug fixes and encouragement as the testers tried different names and fonts.

This ended up being a really fun way to develop a template. Thank you to everyone who worked on it with me! 🥰