“Easter Basket” Cuttle template 🐰, Snap to Grid 🏁, DXF export 🛠️

“Easter Basket” Cuttle template 🐰, Snap to Grid 🏁, DXF export 🛠️

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Easter Basket Template 🐰

easter basket photo.jpg

We released a new template for a laser cut basket!

Like our other “box” templates, you can customize the dimensions and material thickness.

With this basket you can also customize the number of horizontal slats and the angle of the sides.

easter basket parameters 2 small.gif

We’ve included both a plain handle and a handle with customizable text.

easter handle text.gif

You can also, of course, add your own custom engravings or cutouts in the Cuttle editor.

The Easter Basket template will be free for the next two weeks, then it will become a premium template. Enjoy!

Snap to Grid 🏁

We’ve made big improvements to our Snap to Grid feature!

You can turn on grid snapping by toggling this icon in the top toolbar.

snap to grid.png

When grid snapping is enabled, any key point you drag from will automatically snap to the grid in the background.

grid 1.gif

The grid automatically gets finer as you zoom in, giving you more precision when you need it.

grid 2.gif

As is hopefully apparent, we have a high standard for interaction design within our tool. We’ve been finessing the behavior of this new snapping feature internally for the past few weeks.

In our experience, Snap to Grid makes it easier to quickly make exact shapes without manually entering numbers. I encourage you to try it out. Let us know what you think on Discord!

DXF Export 🛠️

You can now download and export DXF files straight out of Cuttle.


While SVGs are becoming more common in the cutting world, we know there are some tools that do not read SVGs but do work well with DXFs.

We tested our exported DXFs with Silhouette Studio and several CAD tools. If an exported DXF file does not work to your expectations, please let us know about it so we can look into it!

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • We added 4 right-triangle 📐 shapes to the creation panel.
  • Fixed incorrect stroke widths in project preview images.
  • In the font picker we removed some of the crazier fonts (the ones with complicated geometry which weren’t great for cutting and could cause the app to slow down). You can still access them by searching their name in the font picker.
  • Parameter comments can now contain multiple paragraphs of text.
  • Fixed a bug where number scrubbers would show “…” when it wasn’t necessary.
  • Fixed a bug where some SVGs exported from Adobe Illustrator wouldn’t import into Cuttle.