Cuttle’s New Facebook Group (with giveaways!) 🎁

Cuttle’s New Facebook Group (with giveaways!) 🎁

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Our new community group on Facebook 📘

If you hang out on Facebook we’d love to have you in our new community group!

This new group is a friendly place to ask questions, share projects you’re working on, and discuss anything related to Cuttle or digital fabrication in general.

We also have a few exciting giveaways for the launch!


First, this Jewelry Tree Display Stand is a collaboration between Ryan and Federico. You can grab the cut file for free in our group — the material thickness is customizable.

And what about those cool origami crane earrings, you ask?

Making Origami-Inspired Earrings on Facebook Live 🧑‍🏫

Federico will be hosting a Facebook Live session showing how to design earrings based on an origami diagram in the Cuttle editor.

This half-hour class is suitable for beginners and is a pilot for the Cuttle Beginner’s Course.

Federico will show:

  • How to bring an origami diagram image into Cuttle
  • Trace it with the pen tool
  • Use Stroke and Flatten to turn it into a cuttable outline
  • Add a hole for the finding

We’d love to have you join live but it will also be recorded if you can’t make it or want to review it later. See you there!

Quick Tip: Automatically Connect Text


Federico recorded a short video about Cuttle’s automatic Connected Text feature.

In addition to the basics, he shows how to use the thicken feature and how to quickly make a lot of connected text, for example if you’re making a hundred place cards for a wedding!

Projects from the Community: Chris Haske 🕰️

We wanted to share in this newsletter some of the remarkable work of educator Chris Haske. Building on his Gear Generator, he’s now working on a visible clock.


The cut designs are created in Cuttle and he is also using Cuttle as a thinking tool during the design process. We love this diagram exploring the mechanism.


Here’s more work from Chris:


Also, Chris’s daughter designed and laser cut these elegant storage trays for the Birdbrain Finch, a programmable robot which Chris uses in the classroom for teaching computer science.


Thank you Chris for sharing your work and inspiring us!

Projects from the Community: Federico’s Tiny Mutoscope 📽️

Federico made a Tiny Mutoscope kit.


It’s a ready-to-assemble kit that you can buy directly from Federico. Here’s an assembly video showing what comes in the kit.

If you’d prefer to laser cut your own, Federico also shares the Cuttle project on his member-supported Patreon.