Circular Name Ornament - SVG Generator

Circular Name Ornament - SVG Generator

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Circular Name Ornament

circular name ornament cover small.jpeg

Our new Circular Name Ornament lets you customize the text in the center and the scored text going around the outside of the ornament.


The words around the outside are automatically spaced evenly. By default they use a Single Line font so you can score them (faster than engraving). All the fonts can be changed.

The text in the center has an option to be connected, engraved, or layered.

You can also generate a backer for the ornament. (It might be cool to sublimate a photo onto the backer! 💡)

What can you make with this?

It’s been fun to see testers in our Facebook Group finding so many creative uses for this template!

Amanda S made an ornament for a coach with the names of the teammates around the outside. (She also welded on a soccer ball separately 💯)

amanda_s 1.jpeg

Ryann E created this ornament with all the members of the 7th grade class around the outside.

ryann_e 1.jpeg

Some other ideas:

  • "Papa" and the names of the grandkids
  • Family ("The Smiths") and names of everyone in the family
  • City or college ("Berkeley") and names of highlights ("Greek Theater", "Tilden", etc)

You can also omit the name in the center and just use the template to place names around the outside, then weld in your own custom design into the center.

Help shape our next templates!

This ornament was originally requested in our Facebook Group last week (thanks Karen D!) and a lot of folks chimed in to +1.

I posted a beta version and then did several iterations based on feedback from testers. I really appreciate everyone who made suggestions and sent photos and screenshots!

If you’d like to suggest new templates and test out our work-in-progress templates, please join the conversation on our Facebook group!

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where focusing a component while using the pen tool could cause an error.
  • Added “Move Parameter to Project” in the parameter … menu.
  • Added a way to recommend fonts for a specific parameter (… > Add Font to Recommended)
  • New embedded component design! We added an icon to the download button, and moved additional download options and “Edit in Cuttle” to the … menu.