Birth month flowers 💐 and Pro fonts ✍️

Birth month flowers 💐 and Pro fonts ✍️

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

Name Flower now has all the birth month flowers 💐

all birth months.png

We now have all of the birth month flowers as options for the Name Flower template. Thank you to everyone who requested this!

We also added an option to put a hanging hole at the bottom or on both sides of the stem, for additional mounting options.

Name Flower tutorial video 📹

name flower thumbnail small.jpeg

Federico recorded a quick tutorial video walking through this template along with the supplies and techniques he uses to paint and assemble them.

flower step by step.jpeg

Makes of the Heart Night Light 💡

We were delighted to see the first makes of the Heart Night Light from members of our Facebook group!

Kelly E made a night light for her newest grand baby. (This is also a nice demo of how you can fill in one name and leave the other blank to omit the heart between the names. We added this feature in response to a request — thanks Melody D!)


Mary A reports “127 views and several messages in under 5 minutes. These will be a hit! THANK YOU!!”

tommy mary.jpeg

New Pro fonts from Missy Meyer (Dear Agatha and more) ✍️

We added eight new fantastic Single Line fonts for Cuttle Pro members!

missy meyer fonts 1.png

Single Line fonts are great for laser cutting because you can score them, which is much faster than engraving.

We’ve always had a collection of Single Line fonts in Cuttle, but they leaned a bit utilitarian in character. They weren’t particularly fun or pretty.

So we reached out to font designer Missy Meyer in order to license several of her most popular Single Line fonts. These are now in the Cuttle font picker and available within the platform (for personal or commercial use!) to all Cuttle Pro members!

missy meyer fonts 2.png

While we were at it, we also licensed three more fonts from Missy’s portfolio.

Breaking Bread is a nice chunky script font — it should work great with Connected Text.

I’m particularly excited about Tingler Print and Tingler Script which are, remarkably, stencil fonts! That is, they don’t fully close the holes inside letters like g or e so you can cut them out and those holes inside the letters will remain connected.

missy meyer fonts 3.png

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more Pro fonts to Cuttle.

We’ve always had over a thousand free fonts in Cuttle (from the Google Fonts collection). And Pro members can upload their own font files — just drag in any ttf or otf file from your computer or click the Add Font… button in the font picker.

But I’m really excited that we’re now starting to license commercial fonts for the Cuttle platform. Having a set of curated fonts specifically designed for crafting and cutting will enable us to make more templates that require this kind of typography for their design.

Other Improvements and Fixes 🐞

  • We made some improvements to the Export SVG for Glowforge feature — the one which automatically re-colors your inner vs outer cuts so that you can schedule your inner cuts first in Glowforge’s app. In the process we uncovered some other bugs, which we fixed. Thank you for the bug reports Peter R and Joseph W!
  • We made it so you can press Enter on your keyboard to confirm when a dialog box is open.
  • Fixed a bug with the selection box flickering in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug with pressing tab or shift-tab to navigate through parameter fields.
  • Fixed some issues around editing the options in a Select parameter type.
  • Scripting: added more documentation for our intersection and overlap finding routines.