Better path editing, multi-line text, stroke fonts, zigzag tile repeat

Hi Beta Testers!

Here’s the latest.

Selectable handles and path editing

We made lots of improvements to path editing. You can now select an anchor handle and nudge it with the arrow keys.

You can also select multiple handles by dragging a box around them or clicking them while holding the shift key.


You can delete handles to reset them.


Breaking Change: We changed segment dragging to make the behavior more consistent. Now when you drag a segment it will drag both end points.

To bend a segment (the old dragging behavior), hold option / alt while dragging the segment.


You can also select handles on modifiers. For example, if you have a shape with a Rotational Repeat, you can now select the shape and the center handle (with shift + click) and move them both at the same time.


Multi-line text

You can now have multiple lines in your text, and we added a lineHeight parameter.


Stroke fonts

We added several stroke fonts to Cuttle’s font list.


Typical computer fonts are “outlines” of text. When you use them with a laser cutter you’ll typically raster engrave them to fill them in (which is slow) or score them (but then they’ll be “doubled” because they’re outlined, which decreases legibility).

Stroke fonts — also called engraving fonts or pen plotter fonts — use single strokes rather than outlines. They’re often a better choice for scoring and plotting.

Zigzag option on Tile Repeat

We added a new zigzag option that allows you to easily make brick-like and hexagon tilings using the Tile Repeat modifier.


Other improvements and fixes

  • SVG imports get named based on the file name of the SVG.
  • Added Frequently Asked Questions to the Learn Cuttle site. We’ll continue adding to this, so let me know if you have questions you’d like answered, or tips that helped you get started that others might benefit from.
  • Added a What’s New page to Learn Cuttle, which contains all past issues of this newsletter.

Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to improve Cuttle! If you have feedback feel free to reply to this email or chat with us in the Cuttle Discord chat room.