Baseball Bag Tag - SVG Generator

Baseball Bag Tag - SVG Generator

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Baseball / Softball Bag Tag


Our new Baseball / Softball Bag Tag template lets you customize the player’s name and number.


Similar to the Easter Bunny Tags, this is a two-layer design with scored lines automatically added to the front layer to separate the name and number from the baseball outline and stitches.

This was a big request on our Facebook group. Thank you Elizabeth B, Kristy S, and others for your feedback and encouragement on these!

I’ll try to complete a few more sports tags in the coming weeks. Let me know if you have any specific requests. Reply to this email or join the conversation on our Facebook group!


Experimental animation artist Matthias Brown, aka TraceLoops, has been using Cuttle and a Cricut to create amazing stop-motion animation loops using cut paper.

We published a new blog post where we interview TraceLoops about his unique process and workflow.

TraceLoops also recently started a YouTube series where he explains how he uses Cuttle to design these cutout animations.

In Part 1, he shows how to make a simple cutout hole animation.


In Part 2, he shows how to make a zoetrope-like structure out of paper.


It’s so cool to see artists pushing the limits of Cuttle! Thank you, TraceLoops, for sharing your work and your process with us!

You can follow TraceLoops on YouTubeInstagram, and Patreon.

Three new Sports fonts

While I was working on the Baseball Tag, I realized we didn’t have many options for the fonts you typically see on sports jerseys. So we added Game, Metrics, and United in the Cuttle Pro font library. These are by designer CottonWhiteStudio.