Add Paws, Hearts & more to Text everywhere in Cuttle 🐾❤️

Add Paws, Hearts & more to Text everywhere in Cuttle 🐾❤️

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest with Cuttle.

New Feature: Insert paws, hearts, and other symbols in text 🐾❤️


You can now insert symbols — like Paw Prints, Hearts, Stars, and more — inline with text everywhere in Cuttle!


On all text fields, you’ll see a new Paw icon on the right. You can click this to insert symbols into your text.

We previously made a one-off feature like this for the Family Names Christmas Tree Ornament. By typing special codes, you could insert a couple of symbols into your Tree ornament.

xmas tree paw print and other symbols.png

Lots of folks requested that we add this capability to our other templates. We wanted this feature to work everywhere — in all our templates and in all uses of text in the Cuttle Editor. We also wanted a design that would allow us to keep adding more symbols in the future.

Our solution is this new Symbol Picker that we’ve enabled on all text fields.

We’re launching with just a handful of the most requested symbols, but we plan to add more! If you have any suggestions, just reply to this email and I’ll add it to our list!

Here are a few examples of how you can use this feature:

Symbols with the Keychain Generator

With our free Keychain Generator template, you can now insert paws, start, hearts, and more.


Symbols with the Letter Tile Keychain

Symbols automatically get a score of 10 on the Letter Tile Keychain.


Symbols with the Split Monogram Ornament

You can put two names with a heart between them on the Split Monogram Ornament.


More tips for the Split Monogram Ornament:

  • You can change the big letter in the background in the Big Letter section
  • You can make more room for the names in the middle by adjusting the options in the Name section. Try reducing letterSpacing, increasing nameWidth, and decreasing nameHeight.

Symbols in the Cuttle Editor

If you are using the Cuttle Editor to create your own designs, try using Symbols with any of our Text features.


Video: Making Escher-Style Morphing Patterns

escher morphing.jpg

Federico recorded a fascinating video about his experiments making morphing patterns in the Cuttle Editor.

This isn’t a tutorial — more a “Show and Tell” about ideas Federico has been exploring in his own art practice. If you are drawn to geometric patterns or are curious about the Customized Repetitions feature in Cuttle, I think you will enjoy it!